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How to Find a Cheap but Reputable Plumber

Finding a plumber is easy, but hiring a cheap yet reputable one is challenging. Expert plumbers usually charge higher rates, while those that are unlicensed, charge the least. Finding a good plumbing service that charges reasonable rates would require a bit of leg work. 

This article aims to help property owners with a tight budget get excellent plumbing service at affordable rates. below are some of the useful tips.  

Ask a friend about his plumber

 Ask a friend or a trusted neighbor for a plumber recommendation. Hire someone recommended by a trusted individual to help ensure that at the very least the plumber can do a satisfactory job. Ask the neighbor or a friend about the plumber’s rates and compare them with the going rates of other plumbing companies. Most plumbing repair contractors would give a free cost estimate so get that information and bash it with the information provided by the friend. 

Of course, take into consideration the time when the neighbor or friend contracted the services. the plumber may have hiked his rate by then so get in touch with the plumbing contractor beforehand and ask for a cost estimate.    

Take advantage of free cost estimates

Most reputable plumbing companies can provide cost estimates within the day. Take advantage of complimentary cost quotations to have the needed information about their service rates. Prepare to give needed information though such as specifications of the bathroom or the water heater or whatever question the plumber may ask. 

Compare at least three cost estimates

Property owners have the luxury of time when it comes to choosing a plumbing cont6ractor. Take advantage of this time by comparing at least three cost estimates. These cost estimates could hopefully guide the homeowner about the way the plumbing company charges his customers. Word of caution though about going with the lowest rates. Make sure that the plumber that quoted the lowest service rates is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Make sure that he has a good reputation for having transparent pricing and not engaging in price gouging.

Take time as well to check on the customer feedback given about his service. This customer feedbacks are usually written on third-party sites like, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor. Sometimes even search engines, and official social media pages reflect customer ratings based on verified clients. Harness this information that will help in deciding whom to hire. 

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